artificial intelligence + sensor hardware =
actionable insight

The end-to-end solution
for Smart Asset Monitoring

Semiotic Labs offers SAM4: An end-to-end solution for Smart Asset Monitoring that includes sensors, smart algorithms and a dashboard that provides actionable information about AC induction motors and rotating assets.


SAM4 detects upcoming electrical and mechanical faults of motors and mechanical faults of most types of rotating asset. A dashboard and smart alarms offer actionable information about the health status of your equipment. This allows you to schedule maintenance before breakdowns occur and improve uptime.


Insights into operational metrics allow you to manage your equipment effectively. SAM4 shows you – for instance – the number of running hours, start-stops, and load of your equipment. Compare equipment to spot anomalies. And plot your machines on a map of the facility, to quickly determine the status of your production line.


Failing motors consume up to 15% more energy compared to healthy motors. Whats more, AC induction motors run most efficiently when they are properly loaded relative to their rated load. SAM4 provides insights into metrics such as power consumption, load, and power quality, that allows you to reduce energy waste.


SAM4 consists of hardware, smart algorithms, and a dashboard. Sensors are installed inside the Motor Control Cabinet where we measure Current and Voltage. The IoT Gateway sends the data to the cloud via 4G, Wi-Fi or wired internet. In the cloud, SAM4 turns data into information which is presented in your dashboard or linked to your existing monitoring systems.

AC induction motors






SAM4 installs at the Motor Control Cabinet, a safe and secure environment for precision instruments. There is no need to attach hardware on the motor itself.


SAM4 collects high frequency, high resolution current and voltage data, which it sends to our secure cloud infrastructure using 4G, Wi-Fi or wired internet.


Machine Learning algorithms monitor your equipment 24 / 7. You'll receive an alert when it matters most: before breakdowns occur or when performance decreases.

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