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Eliminate unplanned downtime in AC motors & rotating assets

Predict over 90% of failures up to 5 months in advance by analyzing electrical current and voltage waveforms.

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Recent news

Semiotic Labs and Schneider Electric sign collaboration agreement

“This new partnership with Semiotic Labs expands our digital service offering to now enable condition-based monitoring of rotating equipment, an asset class deemed highly critical by our customers.”

—Stephane Maravel, SVP for Digital Services at Schneider Electric

Meet SAM4: Condition monitoring 4.0

AI-driven predictive analytics backed by an expert support team to help prevent upcoming failures.

Monitor your machines, wherever they are

SAM4’s sensors install inside the motor control cabinet, not on the asset in the field, making hazards and location no barrier to reliable asset monitoring.

SAM4’s sensor module installs in the motor control cabinet, which gives us the advantage that we can place the sensors in a clean, safe and accessible environment and not where the motor is located or outdoors.

Nick van Straaten, Installation Manager & ICT Coordinator
Tata Steel

Detect over 9 out of 10 failures

Using AI-driven electrical waveform analysis, SAM4 is able to offer fault detection accuracy that exceeds other technologies: over 90% of failures up to 5 months in advance.

SAM4 gives us precisely the insights we need, enabling us to schedule maintenance at the optimal time.

Andy Roegis, Industrial Digitalization Manager Europe North

Act at scale with a personal touch

Whether you’ve got 50 assets or 50,000, SAM4’s AI-powered analysis automates the heavy lifting—plus our team of data scientists, consultants and engineers is always there when you need additional support.

The real-time information SAM4 provided about the condition of our conveyor system allowed us to schedule maintenance before breakdowns occurred.

Pieter Bakker, Baggage Service Manager

Improve asset efficiency

SAM4 leverages the data it’s already collecting to provide real-time and historical power quality, energy efficiency and operational metrics that help industrial organizations become more efficient.

We have a number of projects which are improving our energy efficiency. SAM4 is one of those, and an important one.

Marco Waas, VP R&D Technology
Nouryon Industrial Chemicals

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Our customers

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Learn how SAM4 is preventing downtime at industry leaders worldwide.


Hear from ArcelorMittal on how SAM4 predictive maintenance enables the detection of developing asset faults from inside the motor control cabinet.

Schiphol Airport

SAM4 detected 100% of developing faults on a baggage handling system over a 12-month period, eliminating unplanned downtime.

Who benefits from SAM4 predictive maintenance?

Maintenance professionals

  • Deploy your scarce maintenance resources to assets that actually need help
  • Act faster using real-time fault diagnosis
  • Succeed where previous pilots with predictive maintenance failed

Innovation leaders

  • Pitch truly innovative technology
  • Appeal to popular business trends such as sustainability
  • Implement ROI-positive change

Operations and production specialists

  • Reach production targets by eliminating unplanned downtime
  • Reduce operating costs by only conducting maintenance when faults are detected
  • Avoid safety issues due to equipment failure

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General management

  • Rely on a high-performing production process that helps the organization meet market demand
  • Accelerate digital transformation through implementation of AI into daily business
  • Execute upon sustainability strategy by reducing industrial electricity consumption

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