We eliminate unplanned downtime and improve operational efficiency. To achieve that, we create and market technologies that monitor machines smartly. On a daily basis, we strive for:


The information we present is consistently reliable. Clients use our solution make informed decisions and trust SAM4 to accurately determine the health of equipment.


Our solutions are easy to install and maintain - and can be deployed across a large variety of motors and assets under both harsh and hospitable conditions.


SAM4 is intuitive and easy to use. With SAM4 you ge the insight you need to prevent downtime by fixing problems before they occur.

We were founded in
May of 2015 as an idea -

that machines exhibit behavior that can be modeled into patterns and used to help businesses run more efficiently. We’ve taken this idea and run with, it creating unique algorithms and artificial intelligence that ingest raw data then give our clients valuable, actionable insight about the health of their machinery.

Along the way, we’ve learned that maintenance professionals value reliability and consistency. With data as our raw material, we’ve found that the shortest route to reliability is consistency in data inputs. That is why we have developed our own sensor technology, which allows us to control both the quality of data and enable consistent and accurate predictions and insights.

We are a passionate bunch of tech enthusiasts who have set out to help industries take advantage of smart technology. We love to build and discover and have a shared passion for artificial intelligence. Together, we’ve designed and created a solution that is intuitive, capable of genuine self-learning and has a valuable, real-world application.

We want to make a difference. Our systems are designed to produce a measurable change to our clients’ businesses, paving the way to lower costs, increased performance, and peace of mind. The bottom line is that we’re incredibly confident about what we do. We understand the technology and know its potential but most of all, we can harness its real-world application to improve your business.

Founding Semiotic Labs
Collaboration Asset Rail
Winner Pitch Competition Yes!Delft
Collaboration with Engie
Winner $100K Amazon Web Service award
Winner City Flows best startup award
3rd place Bosch Venture Form
3rd place Global Summit startup Competition
Collaboration with Strukton
Investment from ENGIE and UNIIQ
Rollouts for large scale field test completed @ 13 clients
First implementation in Large-scale Field Test
10th Employee
First implementation in Asia
4th Gen sensor: first samples received
Succesful test 4th Gen sensor
4th gen sensor rollout initiated

Meet our Team

At Semiotic Labs, we are made up of people who are enthusiastic about technology but more important, expert in it. Our team is international and each member brings distinct skills that help us deliver our promise to you: eliminating unplanned downtime.

Gerben Gooijers

Founder & CEO

Simon Jagers

Founder & COO

Michiel van der Ree

Data Science

Tom Gankema

Data Science

Joost van Doorn

Data Science

Nuno Silva

Data Science

Franco Giacosa

Data Engineering

Bart Römgens

Application Development

Nils Visser

Director of operations

Peter Schoevers

Non Executive Director

Thomas Reijners

Business Development

Charlotte Gerrits


Nicolette Nijhuis


Derek Benner

Business Development

Eddy van der Meer

Business Development

Jan-René Dolfing

Head of Sales

Jelena Konjicija

Business Development

Lisette van Gent

Business Development

Ivo van Doorn

Application Development

Meet our Advisors

prof. dr. Stuart Russell

Scientific Advisor

prof. dr. Henk Akkermans

Scientific Advisor

prof. dr. ing. Tiedo Tinga

Scientific Advisor