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See how SAM4 is preventing downtime at industry leaders worldwide.

Some of our customers:



Industrial digitalization manager Andy Roegis and chief digital officer Carlos Alba explain why they chose SAM4 to monitor 56 rollers at ArcelorMittal’s hot strip mill in Ghent, Belgium.


Hear from Marcel Kool, maintenance engineer at Vopak, on how SAM4 increases critical pump uptime by detecting failures before they happen.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Detecting faults and saving holidays: SAM4 detected 100% of developing faults on a baggage handling system over a 12-month period, eliminating unplanned downtime.


After a few months of monitoring, SAM4 detected a loose belt and sent an alarm, triggering an inspection. SAM4's findings were substantiated, and Honeywell replaced the belt, preventing unplanned downtime.


Nouryon use digital technology from Semiotic Labs to boost plant reliability


Our technology partners provide the support to continually push the boundaries of what's possible.


Schneider Electric

“The combination of our technology and Schneider Electric’s domain expertise and support organization provides additional value to our clients, including the capability to implement and support SAM4 on a global scale.”
—Simon Jagers, Semiotic Labs’ founder

SMS group

Semiotic Labs and SMS group are collaborating to enhance and expand predictive maintenance in the metallurgical industry.


The Institute for Sustainable Process Technology together with Nouryon, Vopak, Semiotic Labs, TPA Adviseurs and the Universiteit Utrecht’s Copernicus Institute have received a grant to develop technology that reduces energy waste from industrial AC motors.