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SAM4 detected a loose belt and sent an alarm, triggering an inspection and preventing unplanned downtime.

3 weeks AI training period
60 minutes installation time
real-time alert


SAM4’s sensors and communication devices were installed inside the HVAC system’s motor control cabinet. The SAM4 gateway then connected to the SAM4 platform over 4G. After 60 minutes, the system was up and running and started collecting data. After a training period of three weeks, SAM4 began providing insights into the HVAC system’s condition, performance and energy consumption.


After a few months of monitoring, SAM4 detected a loose belt and sent an alarm, triggering an inspection. SAM4’s findings were substantiated, and Honeywell replaced the belt, preventing unplanned downtime.


Zooming in on the data

1. SAM4 generated an alarm for an increase in energy at the rotational frequency, which is often associated with a loose belt.
2. Upon inspection, a loose and dry belt was detected. In the absence of replacement parts, the belt was tightened, resulting in a reduction of scores for that specific failure mode.
3. After replacing the aging belt with a new one, scores leveled out at the pre-issue level.