Below is a list of frequently asked questions about condition monitoring and SAM4. The list is split into general questions, specific questions about installation and questions about data security. If you feel this list is missing something, please let us know.

General Questions

How much does SAM4 cost?
Pricing is dependent upon a number of factors. To receive a free no-obligation quote, contact info@semioticlabs.com.

How much does installation cost?
How much installation costs will depend on how you want to install SAM4. Installation can be done by your own service team, an external party or via a Semiotic Labs installation partner.

Semiotic Labs’ partners will give a quote based on, among other things, travel time, results of the site survey, number of assets, number of switch boxes and installation time. Installation generally takes between 30 and 60 minutes per asset.

Can I see a demo of your solution?
Depending on your location, we can provide a live demonstration of our solution, or a demo over a video call. To organize a demo, please email info@semioticlabs.com.

What is the benefit of SAM4 for an asset with a low rate of failure?
SAM4 can not only identify when an asset will fail, but in most cases it can also identify the cause of the failure. This means that your maintenance team can fix the problem faster when there is a failure. Additionally, assets with a low rate of failure will still break, which can then cause unplanned downtime (which can be very costly). SAM4 can detect developing faults, and can help you to plan maintenance when it suits you.

What type of machine is SAM4 suitable for?
SAM4 is available for low-voltage (up to 690v) AC motors and rotating assets such as pumps, compressors, conveyors, blowers and fans.

Does SAM4 work with frequency inverters and soft starters?
SAM4 will work with frequency inverters, soft starters and almost any other hardware that is placed in front of the motor. SAM4 only requires the ability to measure current and voltage on a line that leads directly to the motor.

How is SAM4 different from traditional condition monitoring?
SAM4 uses electrical waveform analysis, or Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA), to identify developing faults. This is significantly easier to install than traditional vibration based condition monitoring, and achieves a higher rate of accuracy when it comes to fault detection.

What information does SAM4 require about the assets it is monitoring?
SAM4 needs to know a number of things about the asset it is monitoring, such as Motor Brand, Location of Motor, Power, Amps, Full Load Speed and Bearing Type (driven end or non-driven end). This information is generally listed on the motor nameplate. Consult our Asset Intake form for the full list of information required.

Does SAM4 work for assets operating at varying work points (load and/or speed)?
Yes. We can handle motors operating at varying work points.

Can your system be integrated with our CMMS / EAM / MES?
This can be done via our API - check with our team for more information.

What if SAM4 is installed on an engine that is already damaged?
As the effects of motor damage increase over time, SAM4 can be installed on an already damaged motor. The system will be able to identify the gradual aggravation of the damage and alert you to the developing fault (subject to the initial machine learning period).

Can I export my dashboard data?
All data that can be seen in SAM4 can easily be exported in CSV format.

How are we alerted to a developing fault?
Reports are communicated via e-mail including a description of the problem found and relevant actions. In the case of high priority, we also contact you by telephone. Initial warnings are also communicated from the SAM4 dashboard.

Installation related questions

How is installation of MCSA different from installation of vibration based condition monitoring?
MCSA is installed inside the Motor Control Cabinet. Vibration based condition monitoring requires sensors to be installed directly on the asset. This can be problematic if the sensor is located in a hazardous area, hard to reach area, operates under harsh conditions (dirty environment, high/low temperatures, high humidity) or in an ATEX zone.

Is grid pollution visible? (network pollution)
We can monitor structural network pollution, but it depends on where we measure and the type of connection.
If we measure after a frequency inverter, we cannot monitor grid pollution, but we can monitor the frequency inverter. If we measure assets directly online, we can also see network pollution.
Regardless, network pollution does not influence SAM4’s failure detection accuracy.

How do you deal with poorly insulated cables? Does that have an impact?
The sensors can be applied to uninsulated "voltage strips", so insulation is not a factor. Our current sensors are isolated. See our current sensor data sheets for specific information.

Is SAM4 resistant to heat and humidity?
Please see the table below.

sam4 specs

Are the SAM4 components grounded?
The switch, gateway and power supply feature an opening which can be used for grounding.

The latest version of the DAQ is automatically grounded via shielded ethernet cables, provided that the switch and gateway are both grounded via the grounding screws already present.

Can old production processes also be monitored using SAM4?
Yes, signals from any AC motor can be analyzed. Old or new.

What voltage do you measure?
SAM4 can currently measure up to 690V (line to line). We are currently working on a mid to high voltage solution.

What type of motor can you monitor?
SAM4 can monitor both three-phase asynchronous and synchronous electric motors.

Will we get any support during the installation process?
An overview of the installation process can be found at https://www.semioticlabs.com/docs

Support is available in the lead up to, during and after installation.

Will SAM4 fit inside my MCC?
SAM4 hardware dimensions are as follows:

Component Dimensions
(H*W*D) in mm
DAQ 107 * 22.5 * 120 1
Switch 143 * 48,6 * 104 1
Gateway 125 1 * 51 * 125 1
Magnetic foot antenna ∅ 30 * 91,4
Power supply adapter 90 * 40 * 100
Fused terminal din-rail block 96,3 * 22,5 2 * 59
Voltage sensor small ∅ 23 * 56
Voltage sensor large 101 * 16 * 37

1 a UTP cable adds 35 mm to this size
2 width per set of 3 blocks

Can SAM4 be installed inside a Withdrawable Module?
This will depend on the specific situation, contact our team for more details.

Connectivity and data (security)

How is SAM4 connected to the platform?
SAM4 can be connected through 4G, Wifi, LAN or a local server.

How much data is transferred per hour?
This depends on the asset being monitored, but generally 5 MB of data is transferred per asset per hour.

How does the gateway communicate with the Semiotic Labs platform, and what domains does it communicate with?
The gateway can communicate with our platform via ethernet, wifi or mobile connectivity depending on the clients installation. The gateway communication with the Semiotic Labs platform takes place via a small number of external domains. Gateway communication on sensor data and gateway status data consists solely of outgoing traffic. In case of gateway updates, all updates are downloaded on a pull-to-install basis initiated by the gateway itself. When the gateway is connected to a company network via Wifi or Ethernet, Semiotic Labs will not remotely access the gateway or initiate incoming traffic in any form.

In the case of ethernet or wifi connectivity the client may need to whitelist the domains listed in this page, depending on company policy.

Is the gateway communication secure? What about information regarding my company network and data?
All communication between the gateway and the outside world is secured via the standard TLS protocol. The gateway only sends sensor data and gateway status data. There is no transfer of personal data. There is no transfer of company data except for sensor data obtained by SAM4.

What kind of data/communication will be coming into my company network? How will gateway updates work?
All communications are triggered by the gateway. The updates on the gateway are triggered periodically.

I want to set up a static IP for the Semiotic Labs gateway. Can I use any IP address?
If possible avoid using the IP-range 192.168.1.[0-255].

Are there any speed requirements for the Semiotic Labs gateway internet connection?
Internet usage depends a lot on the number of assets being monitored. A simple rule would be to have at least a 5 Mbps internet connection. Minimum requirements are 0.1 Mbps upload per motor and 0.5 Mbps download per gateway.

Do all of the SAM4 components require access to my company network?
The gateway is the only component that requires internet access. One way to give internet access to the gateway is via the company network. The gateway does not need to communicate with other devices within the local company network. All other SAM4 components operate independently and should not be part of the local company network.

What will happen if the WiFi password changes?
The new WiFi password needs to be set on the gateway. This requires physical access to the gateway via a laptop and ethernet cable. See the SAM4 installation manual for more details on how to set the WiFi password.

Which components do I see in my network?
If this is from a sysadmin point of view and the gateway is connected to the local network, then you should only see the gateway reporting to the network

How does the gateway communicate with the data loggers?
The Gateway communicates with the data loggers through an ethernet connection via a switch. The gateway has a separate ethernet interface for this connection. The gateway and data logger network is independent of any other network.

Is it possible / necessary to connect the gateway to the internet via a VPN?
The gateway does not need or use a VPN connection.