After gathering your feedback, we have made some changes to the SAM4 dashboard that we think you’ll love.

Instantly actionable failure analysis

The new traffic light warning system gives you an instant heads up when something is going wrong. SAM4 will also give you an idea of what is causing the problem, and recommend next steps, meaning you can fix or replace your motor faster.

Real-time performance & trends over time

See the data you need as soon as you need it. Our real-time performance module will show you the metrics you need to see, while they are being recorded.

For the bigger picture, our Trends over Time module will also show you Running Time, Energy Consumption and Starts on any motor over time.

Understand what makes your motor tick

Want to see how Power Factor and Current are linked for a specific motor? We’ve got just the ticket. Our new dashboard helps you to understand the relationship between various motor metrics by comparing them all on one plot.

Curious to see if motor performance is decreasing over time? Our Performance Timeline will show you key metrics over a time period of your choosing.

Like the look of our dashboard?

If you are looking for a Condition Monitoring system that allows you to get the most out of your data, book a SAM4 demo with one of our consultants.