Facta and Semiotic Labs collaborate to eliminate unplanned downtime
for Crown Van Gelder

Collaboration Monitoring & Service

Facta Aandrijftechniek and Semiotic Labs work together to ensure a higher availability of production resources. SAM4, the smart sensor of Semiotic Labs, monitors critical assets from the control cabinet and signals approaching failures up to 4 months before production resources fail. Facta Aandrijftechniek monitors the alarms and carries out inspections, repairs or replacements.


Cees Slegt, Facta: "We relieve our customers of their worries by taking over the maintenance of engines and assets. This enables us to achieve higher availability of production resources at lower costs. We do this by doing risk analysis and drawing up a maintenance plan based on these. In combination with condition monitoring from Semiotic Labs, we can optimize maintenance intervals and prevent unplanned downtime."

In practice

Semiotic Labs' SAM4, monitors critical assets for Crown Van Gelder. On 6th December 2018, SAM4 reported electrical damage to a 1,000-kilowatt motor. Because the replacement of the motor involves considerable downtime, it was decided to closely monitor the development of the condition to determine whether it is possible to keep the motor operational until the next maintenance stop.


The scheduled maintenance stop was met, and the engine was replaced during the regular maintenance stop. Because the engine was not on the list for inspection, unplanned downtime was avoided.

Andre Prent - manager maintenance (PM2) Crown Van Gelder

"Our customers count on us to deliver consistent quality, on time. That's why we at Crown Van Gelder continuously invest in upgrading our facilities to continue to improve service, performance and, competitiveness. Our investment in the innovative way of monitoring by Facta and Semiotic Labs is one example. This is now paying off because the alarm and service have prevented a major standstill and have not compromised the security of supply".