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Trusted by ArcelorMittal, Vopak, Schneider Electric and many more, SAM4 condition monitoring is eliminating unplanned downtime one customer at a time.

SAM4 dashboard


Why SAM4?

More accurate fault detection

By utilizing Motor Current Signature Analysis coupled with voltage measurements, SAM4 can detect developing faults at a rate of over 90%. This is significantly higher than the failure detection rate achieved by traditional vibration based condition monitoring solutions.

Faster and cheaper installation

SAM4 can be quickly and easily installed inside the Motor Control Cabinet. Traditional vibration based condition monitoring requires installation on the asset itself. This becomes difficult (and expensive) when the asset is located in a hard to reach place, a hazardous location or an ATEX zone.

Increase energy efficiency

Using current and voltage measurements, SAM4 can identify which parts of your plant are not running as efficiently as they could be - therefore helping you to concentrate your efficiency improvement efforts.

Optimize maintenance performance

SAM4 condition monitoring can alert your maintenance team to a developing fault up to 4 months in advance of an asset failure - allowing your team to schedule maintenance at a time that suits you. SAM4 can also determine the type of fault at play, therefore helping your team to fix the problem as quickly as possible.