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The condition monitoring comparison guide for centrifugal pumps

From food and water to fuels, soaps, paper, medicines and more, centrifugal pumps are a mainstay in the industrial processes that nourish our modern lives. They work to move fluids under all kinds of conditions, often round the clock. Exposure to chemicals, detritus and other contaminants can damage the seals, bearings, impellers, couplings and other moving parts in these industrial workhorses. Suboptimal operating conditions can give rise to cavitation and recirculation, which over time will also damage the pump’s components.

Condition monitoring systems can help pump owners avoid all of these, by detecting upcoming equipment failure at an early stage.

Download the condition monitoring comparison guide for centrifugal pumps to find out which of the most widely used technologies is right for your specific use case.

This e-book covers:

  • the anatomy of a centrifugal pump
  • condition monitoring methods in centrifugal pumps
  • examples of when different techniques will detect different pump failures
  • pump energy and performance insights

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