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IHC Merwede and Semiotic Labs develop smart solutions for the dredging industry

20 June 2019

Leiden — IHC Merwede and Semiotic Labs have announced a collaboration on the development of smart solutions for the dredging industry. The parties signed an agreement at Shakedown, the PortXL closing event. As part of the collaboration, the two parties are combining knowledge in the field of shipping and the dredging industry with smart internet-of-things sensors and artificial intelligence, which together will increase the availability and reliability of production resources.

“As a market leader in the field of dredging vessels, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions to further increase the reliability and availability of our ships,” says Jan van de Wouw, director of digital business at IHC Merwede. “Digital transformation plays an important role in this. The combination of sensors, artificial intelligence and smart applications ensures that our customers gain insight into the condition, performance and energy consumption of machines on board, which in turn allows them to optimize their use. The collaboration with Semiotic Labs allows us to combine our industry knowledge with Semiotic Labs’ specialist technical knowledge. The agreement is a direct result of our ambition to be at the forefront of the development of digital tools on board ships.”

SAM4 from Semiotic Labs is a condition monitoring solution that consists of sensors, artificial intelligence and a dashboard that displays information about the condition, performance and energy consumption of electric motors and rotating assets, such as pumps, compressors and conveyor belts. Unlike traditional systems that measure vibrations directly on the asset in the field, SAM4 measures electrical signals from the motor control cabinet. This is relevant for shipping, because many assets are placed in hard-to-reach places on board the ship. The motor control cabinet is easily accessible, making it possible to remotely monitor the condition of assets.

“IHC Merwede has been on our dream partnerships list for a long time,” says Simon Jagers, Semiotic Labs’ founder. “The company has a clear digital transformation vision and is the leader in its industry. Together we share the conviction that innovative solutions must primarily have a practical application. The collaboration allows us to benefit from IHC’s domain knowledge and helps us to focus on developing tools that provide value in day-to-day operations. We certainly hope to return the favor by adding our data science and software development skills to the mix.”

About Semiotic Labs
Semiotic Labs was established in 2015 with the aim of making maintenance 100% predictable. A team of data scientists, software developers and technical specialists have developed SAM4, a condition monitoring solution for AC motors and rotating equipment. Semiotic Labs is active in various industries and works with customers such as Vopak, Nouryon, ArcelorMittal, Tata Steel, Schiphol Airport and Engie.

About IHC Merwede
IHC Merwede is focused on the continuous development of its design and construction activities for specialized shipbuilding, including dredging and offshore. IHC Merwede is the world market leader in the construction of specialized dredging equipment. IHC Merwede is also recognized as an outstanding builder of complex, customer-specific ships for the offshore market. IHC Merwede’s clientele includes large dredging companies, oil and gas companies, offshore contractors and governments. IHC Merwede has around 2,800 permanent employees spread over company locations in the Netherlands. There are also branches in England, China, India, the Middle East, Nigeria, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia and the United States.

About PortXL
PortXL was established in Rotterdam in 2015, with the aim of boosting innovation in and around the port. PortXL consists of an ecosystem of startups and scale-ups, corporate partners and mentors. During an intensive program, the parties work together to develop, implement and test innovations for the maritime sector.


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