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The quick-start guide to predictive maintenance 4.0

You already know why you want to implement a predictive maintenance program: most commonly, it’s to raise uptime, lower costs, reduce risk and extend asset lifetime.

But knowing why doesn’t help you with how. That’s where this guide comes in. It’s designed to walk you through the concrete steps from idea to implementation. You’ll still have to do the heavy lifting yourself—from gathering the numbers to talking with vendors to persuading reluctant colleagues—but our hope is that the worksheets here will equip you to do all of that, quickly and well.

This e-book covers 6 concrete steps to take you from idea to up and running—then on to running at scale:

  • Step 1: Who needs to be convinced?
  • Step 2: Choose your assets
  • Step 3: Choose your failure modes
  • Step 4: Choose your vendor
  • Step 5: Review what you have so far
  • Step 6: Deploy—and don’t give up
  • Evaluate & scale up

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