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SAM4 (MCSA + voltage) vs. vibration analysis

See how SAM4 predictive maintenance (driven by motor current signature analysis (MCSA) and voltage measurements) compares to vibration analysis.

Video transcript:
SAM4 by Semiotic Labs is an innovative form of predictive maintenance that uses model based motor current signature analysis and voltage measurements.

Vibration analysis is a more traditional form of predictive maintenance that uses vibration patterns emitted by the motor to predict failures.

So how do they compare?

SAM4 detects over 9 out of 10 developing faults, whereas vibration analysis typically detects 6 out of 10 developing faults.

Ease of installation and ongoing use
Vibration analysis requires sensors to be installed directly on the asset itself.

This can be problematic if you want to deploy at scale, or if the asset is located in a: Hazardous environment, an ATEX zone or a hard to reach place.

SAM4 operates inside the motor control cabinet, which is a safer, cheaper and more convenient place for sensor installation. This installation method also provides more reliable conditions for data collection.

By offering simple installation, robust data flows and automated analysis, SAM4 can be easily scaled across a site without putting extra strain on your workforce.

Sustainability improvements
SAM4 uses current and voltage measurements to:

  • Help you keep your assets well maintained
  • Determine whether a motor needs to be rightsized for its process
  • Detect if a process is inefficient by design.

These factors combined help you to increase the sustainability of your whole operation.

Vibration analysis does not record the metrics necessary to offer the same insights.

To find out which solution is right for you, book a SAM4 demo at Semiotic Labs today.


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