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The condition monitoring comparison guide for induction motors

Premature motor failure can wreak havoc on a company’s operations. From foods that spoil on an idling production line, to pipes that become fouled with now-sedentary chemical deposits, to frazzled passengers who miss their connecting flights because a baggage conveyor broke: the fallout from sudden motor downtime can be costly in terms of money, time, customer satisfaction and even the environment.

Condition monitoring systems can help plants avoid such nightmare scenarios by detecting upcoming equipment failure at an early stage. Motors are subject to both mechanical problems, such as degrading bearings, and electrical problems, such as faulty insulation. In fact, electrical issues cause up to 30% of all industrial motor failure.

This document will compare the most common condition monitoring techniques—infrared thermography, vibration analysis, acoustic emission analysis, oil analysis and motor current signature analysis—on their merits in induction motors.

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