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UNIIQ and ENGIE Services have made a joint investment in Semiotic Labs

The UNIIQ investment fund and technical service provider ENGIE Services have made a joint investment in Semiotic Labs. With the help of its innovative technology, the company can use data generated by industrial electric motors to predict when production equipment is at risk of breaking down. Semiotic Labs was founded in May 2015 by Simon Jagers (COO) and Gerben Gooijers (CEO). The investment was announced on 12 January, when the symbolic UNIIQ plaque was presented to Simon Jagers and Gerben Gooijers by Jaap Smit, King’s Commissioner in Zuid-Holland Province, and Adri Bom-Lemstra, member of the Zuid-Holland Province Executive Council.


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Using SAM4 to help drive sustainable industry

SAM4 is a predictive maintenance system that helps maximize asset uptime by detecting developing faults up to five months ahead. But there’s another plus: that same data provides concrete insights that enable energy and carbon reductions.

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How SAM4 detects developing asset faults in the steel industry

In this report, we explain exactly how SAM4 detects common faults in hot strip mills using actual results from anonymized SAM4 data, to help steel engineers evaluate SAM4’s value for their own operations.

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SMS group and Semiotic Labs sign collaboration agreement

Semiotic Labs, a scale-up company based in Leiden, Netherlands, and SMS group have signed an agreement under which the two companies will cooperate in the field of predictive maintenance.

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