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Predictive maintenance for innovation leaders

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  • Pitch truly innovative technology. SAM4 uses AI to predict upcoming failures months in advance and is trusted by customers around the world, who rely on its unparalleled accuracy and ability to pinpoint specific fault mechanisms.
  • Appeal to popular business trends such as sustainability. SAM4 uses current and voltage measurements to help maintenance teams reduce energy consumption and increase the sustainability of their operations.
  • Maximize return on investment. SAM4 is ROI-positive for multiple stakeholders throughout the organization.

Key features for innovation leaders

Use AI to automatically extract meaning from complex raw data

SAM4 uses tried and trusted AI technology to transform complex motor measurements into actionable insights.

Identify sources of energy inefficiency

SAM4 can detect developing faults that cause motors to run less efficiently, motors that need to be rightsized for their processes, and processes that are inefficient by design, helping your plants reduce their energy consumption.

detect innovation

Unrivaled accuracy using machine learning and MCSA

SAM4 uses cutting-edge machine learning technology and motor current signature analysis to detect over 9 out of 10 failures in advance.

Our stories

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Preventing downtime at industry leaders worldwide


Hear from ArcelorMittal on how SAM4 predictive maintenance enables the detection of developing asset faults from inside the motor control cabinet.

Schiphol Airport

SAM4 detected 100% of developing faults on a baggage handling system over a 12-month period, eliminating unplanned downtime.


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