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Predictive maintenance for operations specialists

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  • Reach production targets by maximizing uptime. Unplanned downtime can severely restrict your ability to deliver what you’ve promised. Predictive maintenance enables your plant to identify developing faults and fix them before downtime occurs.
  • Reduce operating costs by only conducting maintenance when faults are detected. SAM4 can detect upcoming failures up to 5 months in advance. This means the maintenance team only needs to act when a fault has actually been detected.
  • Avoid safety issues due to equipment failure. Broken equipment can endanger both people and the environment. SAM4 can predict when an asset is likely to break, up to 5 months in advance, so you can fix it before it does.

Key features for operations specialists

Increase site uptime by detecting over 9 out of 10 failures

SAM4 can predict over 90% of failures before they happen, enabling maintenance teams to fix developing faults and keep your plant running.

Detect future failure up to 5 months in advance

Reduce operating costs by only performing maintenance when it’s necessary.

Use real-time failure warnings to act fast

SAM4 enables your team to fix critical assets as soon as a fault develops, thereby reducing potential safety issues.

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Our stories

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Preventing downtime at industry leaders worldwide


Hear from ArcelorMittal on how SAM4 predictive maintenance enables the detection of developing asset faults from inside the motor control cabinet.

Schiphol Airport

SAM4 detected 100% of developing faults on a baggage handling system over a 12-month period, eliminating unplanned downtime.


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