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AI-driven failure prediction and anomaly detection

Abolish unplanned downtime
in the oil & gas industry.

See how SAM4’s predictive condition monitoring helps keep critical upstream, midstream and downstream assets up and running.


energy savings using SAM4's energy efficiency metrics
annual ROI through more effective maintenance and greater uptime
of developing failures detected up to 5 months in advance

Install in under 90 minutes for 20+ years of worry-free condition monitoring

From rig to refinery, from sediment to solvents: SAM4 can monitor all your AC motors and rotating equipment, no matter where they are and what they’re exposed to. SAM4’s sensors install inside the motor control cabinet, not on the asset itself, making hazards and location no barrier to reliable round-the-clock data. For offshore rigs, that also means you can do all of the mounting and wiring to a DIN rail onshore, then plug into the MCC on-platform. And with no batteries to replace, you won’t ever have to worry about dying sensors.

Market-leading detection accuracy

Cut unplanned downtime and lower operations & maintenance costs

Using AI-driven electrical waveform analysis, SAM4 is able to offer fault detection accuracy that exceeds other technologies: over 9 out of 10 failures up to 5 months in advance. What’s more, SAM4 can directly detect beginning electrical failures, long before they leave marks that physically based systems can register. Catching faults earlier means cheaper repairs, longer equipment lifetimes and no unexpected loss of production.

Real-time performance & energy metrics

Save energy, reduce costs & improve planning

SAM4 leverages the data it’s already collecting to provide additional insights that go well beyond just predicting failures—insights you simply can’t get from vibrations, oil, or temperature. Real-time and historical power quality, energy efficiency and operational metrics (such as the real-time pump performance curve shown at left) help oil & gas companies achieve world-class operational excellence.

A complete customer journey

Reap the benefits of service, not just sensors.

From a detailed value assessment through fault alerts with concrete recommendations, our team of industry experts, data scientists and maintenance consultants provide ongoing personal attention. We:

  • take the time to learn about your specific production setup, and offer real, actionable advice on how SAM4 will make your maintenance strategy more effective
  • communicate with your team when anomalies are detected
  • help you discover ways to make your pumps, motors and processes more energy efficient
  • provide regular updates through email, video calls, and face-to-face meetings
Don't just take it from us

Hear from one of our industry customers.



Hear from Marcel Kool, maintenance engineer at Vopak, on how SAM4 increases critical pump uptime by detecting failures before they happen.

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What to expect:

  • a demonstration of the features that are relevant to your team.
  • advice on how SAM4 predictive maintenance can increase the uptime of your critical assets.
  • an indication of SAM4’s cost for your organization and use case.
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