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Reduce costs, risk and energy
in water distribution & treatment.

See how SAM4 helps water companies monitor pumps, blowers, mixers and more—even if they’re submerged—to avoid catastrophic failure, lower energy and emissions, and do less preventive maintenance.


typical energy savings using SAM4's energy efficiency metrics
typical annual ROI through more effective maintenance and greater uptime
of developing faults typically detected up to 5 months before failure
Monitor all your pumps, mixers, blowers & centrifuges

A system that solves the submerged equipment problem

SAM4 uses a suite of techniques to analyze a motor’s electrical signature, which means its sensors install inside the motor control cabinet (MCC) by design. Because the sensors don’t need to install on the machine, it becomes possible to reliably monitor submerged equipment. That means you can monitor all your critical assets in every part of the process, from pumping stations to boreholes to distribution lines to reservoirs to treatment facilities. MCC installation is also fast and simple, with none of the safety or access constraints that plague on-asset placement.

Mitigate the risk of catastrophic downtime

Detect pollution and other problems well before failure

To date, SAM4 has detected over 90% of developing electrical and mechanical faults across its installed base, up to 5 months before failure. And because SAM4 is driven by machine learning algorithms, its accuracy goes up as its installed base grows. Of particular interest for the water industry: SAM4 is able to detect pollution, cavitation and seal leakage as distinct failure modes.

Cut costs while raising reliability

Reduce redundancy, inspections and time-based maintenance

SAM4’s level of reliability and advance warning is key in reducing the need for manual inspections, redundancy and preventive maintenance. By accurately signaling when a machine does—and doesn’t—need attention, SAM4 removes the need to schedule inspections and maintenance “just in case.” Knowing months in advance that a fault is developing enables you to repair machines, even very remote ones, before they break, decreasing the need for asset redundancy.


Improve pump operation with real-time performance data

Use SAM4’s real-time performance dashboard to correct a pump that’s operating to the left or right of the curve, thereby preventing days or weeks of silent cavitation, recirculation, seal leakage and other problems. Use the pump’s historic data to see where process improvements could help you permanently raise performance and energy efficiency. You’ll also receive regular insight reports from our support team to help you make the most of this feature.

Achieve long-term energy reductions of 5-35%

Cut energy & emissions with a suite of energy insight tools

SAM4 also includes full power quality and energy analysis for every asset type, without the need for additional sensors. These features identify electrical trends to help you permanently reduce your energy consumption. You can view these metrics at any time on your personal dashboard, and our support team will also provide you with regular insight updates.

A complete customer journey

Reap the benefits of service, not just sensors.

From a detailed value assessment through fault alerts and insight reports with concrete recommendations, our team of industry experts, data scientists and maintenance consultants provide ongoing personal attention. We:

  • take the time to learn about your specific production setup, and offer real, actionable advice on how SAM4 will help you mitigate risk and reduce energy & emissions
  • provide detailed installation support to get you up and running fast
  • communicate with your team when anomalies are detected
  • help you discover ways to make your pumps, motors and processes more energy efficient
  • provide regular updates through email, video calls, and face-to-face meetings
Don't just take it from us

Hear from one of our industry customers.



Hear from Marcel Kool, maintenance engineer at Vopak, on how SAM4 is helping his team keep critical pumps up and running.

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